Kids Helping Kids at the American Heritage Girls Club!

Kids Helping Kids: Nov1st, 2018-All Saints Day- girls spreading Gods mercy and love to the world!

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Thank you to  Blessed Sacrament American  Heritage Girls club of Morton for helping us  pack bags of toys,candy,  accessories bags  and making blankets! These items  will be added to the larger bags we are packing on November 27th for the 200 unsponsored kids in the Haiti school! The  girls blew us away with their hearts for service and how fast they worked. They also colored some pictures and wrote some letters. They are an inspiring group of girls! They watched the Day in a life of a child in Detail, Haiti presentation and they got to experience what a Detail home might look like. I am so proud to be a part of helping a group of girls give back! They also donated a $100 towards shipping our larger bags. They did not know that we had a $100 need. Another school had raised $100 towards are shipping but for the $200 bags of unsponsored kids  and we still needed another $100. I had not told anyone this amount. it brought me to tears when they gave me the amount. God is always working in amazing and mysterious ways! It continues to be a mission of kids helping kids and our kids can change the story of a child across the ocean. We are willing to travel and provide service projects for kids! Contact us anytime to set a date!







Damalie and Mom with the water filter’s that Joyce bought for her! You can see her leg is now straight and her foot flat! 



Our organization met Damalie 3 years ago during our Christmas in July party and it will be a moment remembered forever. She was a little quiet girl being pushed back from the line and away from the games and a team member noticed that she was limping. The team member brought her to Allyson, the team nurse to see if she had gotten hurt during the playing. Upon translation and talking with mother we discovered that her leg had not gotten injured that day but was always injured. He leg was crippled and unable to straighten out and her foot twisted and dropped.  As Allyson discussed with the mother it was discovered that she had been ill as a young child and had become crippled. Her mother began to cry telling us the story.  You can read the story by looking at our past post of how we met Damalie.

        Damalie’s sponsor family the Carlstadt requested that if there was anyway for us to look into trying to help this family find some therapy or medical care for Damalie. We attempted to make a connection in Port au Prince but it did not workout in our first attempt. This was sad and another example of the difficulty of finding health care for people in Haiti.

              In January 2017, a wonderful team member by the name of Joyce traveled with the team. Joyce is a retired teacher who taught 30 children with disabilities. She was in charge of sponsor child interviews she just connected with Damalie in a special way when they met. Damalie is a quiet, introverted child who is used to trying to hide herself or be in the back of the room due to her handicap. She is very soft spoken and Joyce has a gentle way about her and Damalie just lite up like a light bulb as Joyce was talking with Damalie and you could see the connection immediately. Damalie has hopes to be a teacher some day and Joyce knew she had met a kindred spirit. 

Joyce came back to America and got to work finding a place that could help Damalie and it was a miracle of God that Joyce made a connection with Hospital Lumiere and an American Othropedic surgeon that could help her leg to become straight again. Over the last 2 years we have had fundraisers, her sponsor has contributed  and  she had  2 surgeries , multiple hospital visits, and physical therapy.  We are happy to say that she now walks with a straight leg.





For weeks now, I have been trying to find the right words to write. I want to share an experience and I do not know if my words will do it justice. For every 1000 births in Haiti 50 of those infants die from complications,poor health care conditions, or lack of access to healthcare. For ever 100,000 births, 350 mothers die. I share these statistics with you to help you understand that in Haiti, birthing a baby in the mountains is dangerous. I will share pictures of the lucky ones that have made it, and come to our medical clinic, before I share a story. 


      It was our first night in Detail, Haiti and I got a reality check. I couldn’t sleep…. it was midnight and I heard lots of activity going on outside. My ears are accustomed to what is normal for Detail and my gut told me something was wrong. I got up and went to the doorway of the school and looked across the way at the medical center. I saw people walking around and one of our gentlemen guards was praying and saying ” Oh Lord help her “. I looked at him and could see the distress on his face. Something was wrong! I woke one of our team members, Randy to walk over to the medical center with me. As I walked into the medical center, it was dark except for a flashlight and I could see several people sitting on a bench looking as if a death had occurred. No one spoke to me, just looked at me with despair. I was unable to communicate, because I didn’t have a translator and they could not speak English. I walked over to the doctor’s exam room and peeked my head in the door. I turned to look at the exam table and found a young mother on the exam table. She is bleeding and I quickly determined something is wrong. There is a baby in her belly and it was transverse and in danger. I then look to the father sitting next to her and see another infant and the baby is ashen and probably about 5 pounds. I could tell the infant was struggling to breath and the mother was in great pain. Both of them looked at me with fear and despair in their eyes. I quickly went to wake Dr. Gauelle who had traveled with our team to Detail to run a medical clinic. I needed to get help translating and see if we could help. The doctor ran to exam the patient still in her PJ’s. After some discussion, it was discovered the mother had been in labor all day and had birthed one baby but another baby was stuck. The doctor realized the mother was bleeding out. Doctor Gaulle quickly realized that she did not have the expertise to do a c- section and we were going to have to find a way to get this mother to a hospital and fast! 

     After some discussion, we realized the nearest hospital is 2.5 hours away and we had no way to transport mother down the mountain, except a motorcycle. The family also did not have money to pay for admittance to the hospital. In Haiti most hospitals won’t treat without money paid up front . I sat in complete and utter shock looking around me and thinking to myself ….. this woman and her baby are going to die and I can’t do anything about it. You can’t imagine the panic. NO 911, NO ambulance service , NO OBGYN. Insanity! 

      We watch the baby’s skin become more and more pale, heart rate elevating and rapid respirations. I have the Doctor translate for me that we will pay for the mother and baby to go to the hospital now. I don’t know what else to do and don’t know if they will even make it down the mountain alive. We have someone go wake another motorcycle driver to carry the baby. 

      My mind is moving 1000 miles a minute and the nurse in me knows that there is a more than 80% chance the outcome of this situation will not be good. All I can think to do is pray as we are waiting for transport. I ask Randy to come in the room and Pastor Derestil and Randy begin to pray and I put my hands on her feet and I am   praying with all my heart ” Jehovah Rophe heal this woman and keep her alive . ” She begins to cry out to for herself in her language and I begin to weep holding her feet and my tears are dripping on to her feet uncontrollably. 

      Motorcycle transport arrives and I watch this laboring mother be laid on the cycle, her mother sits behind her to hold her steady and  they leave. Then I watch another women climb on another cycle with a driver and the little ashen, blue colored baby swaddled in a white blanket and leave. My mind cannot comprehend what I just experienced, nor the fact that they will probably not make it. All I can do is lean into God and beg his mercy and help. 

      I head back to my bed and cry myself to sleep, begging God to let them live. I wake the next morning to find out they made it and due to the bouncy ride the baby turned in the belly and they were able to deliver the baby without too many complications. Unfortunately, baby #1 is in critical condition.

      A few more days pass and I hear someone yelling ” mama Ally , mama Ally ” and I come out of the school to see the mother, father, grandmother and babies on top of a motorcycle stoppping on their way home to say thank you! Babies and mother survived!

     I tell this story to help you understand what these people endure. In this harsh place , the reality is that childbirth can mean death. I know if our team had not been there, to provide money for healthcare the prognosis of this story would have been another statistic ! Thank you for donating to our cause , thanking for lending your ear to the poor and suffering of this world . His word says, He will hear the prayers of these people and their cries for help. He is doing this through your hands and heart !  Thank you ! 

   The mother , grandmother , babies under the blanket and father ! Randy , Pastor and Ally in back.



Christmas Hope in Haiti! Thank you!


Hope is shining through! The sun shining down on the church represents the Lord’s favor! Our organization is absolutly in complete awe and on our knees amazed at what the Lord is doing through our donors and hearts of those willing to help the people of Detail. In late October when I was faced with the utter devastation , food insecurity and total loss , I fell on my knees and cried to God that I didn’t know how this was going to happen. I don’t know any millionaire or have great connections but I felt the Lord stop and say in a still small voice to me as I was crying on my knees. ” Get up , I got this “. “You don’t have to do this I do” . “Tell the Detail people to pray! Yahweh answers the prayers of the humble , weak! The last shall be first.” I stood up and kept walking but to be honest still felt overwhelmed at the need. But I am happy to say our team leaves in three weeks and HOPE is shining through and we can’t take credit for any of it ! It has been the Lord supernatually laying it on His people’s hearts! It has been all Jehovah Jirah! He is our provider ! This picture is of the church all cleaned up and just waiting for our January team to come and help raise new walls and 30 homes repaired or rebuilt! Our project manager Tyrus Briggs will be staying for 8-10 weeks to oversee and build !Thank you so much to all of our donors ! This would not be happening without each of your hands and hearts to give of your time and money ! Wonderful news to update you : – we have been able to send money and the school has been repaired and the medical center !


This is a picture School roof and interior after hurricane . But the HOPE is that School is started back up and is one of the only two schools in session since hurricane in this mountain area. Most of the schools were destroyed or severely damaged and most aren’t back in session yet due to the government not having the funding or resources to get help to these areas.

HOPE: This is each of you and your obedience to God’s still small voice! Your hearts and hands! Your donations making a difference!
School roof repaired:

(786) 718-9581

The medical center repaired:

(866) 562-2519

We will be able to run a 4 day medical clinic
with the January team! The team will also sleep in the center.

     With hurricane relief supplies we took in last week of October we bought seeds for gardens . The church started a community garden between the medical center and church and beans are already growing. They also are planting corn and many were able to get gardens in the ground( all gardens were destroyed).


These women are planting and sorting beans to plant.


This green is all the bean plants growing !  New growth is HOPE ! Beauty from destruction ! His word says that he brings Beauty from ashes and joy from mourning ! If you still want  to help check out our needs list on the menu bar. It is currently updated and will continue to be updated! We are completely volunteer run and every penny of the donations go to the people! 


This family shared their home with us and they grow coffee and chocolate and sell it as a business. I have had some of their  wonderful Haitian coffee. The girl I am walking with is her niece who goes to the school we sponsor and lives with her Aunt and Uncle so she can get an education. I believe her mother passed away. They had a beautiful home and garden and business with coffee trees and plants Here is a video prior to hurricane

Local Detail family home


When I returned with hurricane relief supplies , this is what was left . Home  destroyed, business gone , furniture  broken but thank the Lord , Alive !  My heart breaks for this family and the starting over that has to happen. The coffee trees are gone, the chocolate plants and coffee plants are gone and it will take years to regrow.

Post hurricane picture :


Business destroyed and garden gone

Home  halfway gone :


Hurricane relief to Detail this week


Your donations made a made a huge difference this week. Thanks to your hearts and hands and prayers a small team of 4 made it up to Detail. Paster Derestil returning home , Allyson Oswald , Robenson Levika and Dr. Gaelle. Many assisted in our efforts getting us to Detail. Mission aviation foundation flew us from Port au Prince to Les Cayes. Gertrude in Port au Prince let us stay at her orphanage/ guest house and assisted us with shopping in Port au Prince .Dr. Gaelle ran around Les Cayes and bought medications for us and made sure we had everything  we needed for the clinic. The Derestil family assisted in loading us and hosting us in Les Cayes. A gracious Pastor opened his home so Dr. Gaelle and Allyson had a place to sleep. Gary drove is up the mountain in his truck through hard conditions but we made it in the rain and all with 300 bags of rice , 15 bags of beans , boxes of oil,cornmeal, flour, chicken broth. We bought medications , vitamins , nutrition supplements for medical clinic .Dr. Gaelle ran a two day medical clinic seeing patients over 200 patients dispensing medication and antibiotic. The people of Detail don’t have words for what it meant to them . One man said to me ,” it means that God answered our prayers and is not forgetting us . I kept begging God don’t forget us don’t let us die and then the trick came . ”  please watch this 5 min video on how your hands and heart are making a difference . The January team will need lots of help and team members . The devastation is unbelievable and rebuilding is going to be hard . We need you . Please contact us through the website our call Allyson 309-573-1186.




Update on Gasnel Leo


Gasnel in his new church clothes



Gasnel reading his letter

Gasnel is the young man we spoke about back in April 2015 ( can read our  April, 2015 post )  that so touched the team’s heart. He is an orphan of the cholera( both parents passed away from a cholera outbreak) It was a joy to see him six months later and amazing to see the difference that 6 months of nutrition made. He was taller and heavier . Pastor Derestil has taken him under his wing and lets him be a part of his family. He has purchased him new clothes. He is sporting some of his new church outfits . In Febuary of 2015 when our organization first went to Detail we met and fell in love with this boy and his simple sweet heart. He cried with us as he shared his story of losing his parents and I felt especially close to him because I had just lost Fastina. He was thrilled to see us back and was looking for his sponsor Jamie.  He was proud to show us his new clothes paster had bought him so he could go to church with honor. He had been afraid and ashamed to enter the church last time we were there because of his clothing.

Gasnel and Jamie made a special bond when Jamie came to Detail. Tears streamed down his face as we read the letter Jamie had sent to him with our  team. Our team helped him call Jamie on the phone on her lunch break and the smile on his face as he spoke with her was priceless and radiant. Words can’t do it justice. Jamie  is making a real difference in this young boy life ! So see the difference in him in just 4 short months ……….is priceless ! Jamie will return with us in June and is so excited to connect with Gasnel again.  $15/month changes a life in Haiti!

(867) 580-0150

Gasnel after talking with his sponsor on the phone




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